Small Business Development Council


SBDC Overview
The Small Business Development Center is part of the regional and nationwide network of Small Business Development Centers that together represent the most comprehensive small business assistance network in the Los Angeles Region, the state of California, and indeed the United States. The SBDC program was established more than 25 years ago and is the SBA’s largest match-funded technical assistance program. College of the Canyons, the community college based in Santa Clarita, hosts the SBDC serving Northern Los Angeles County as part of its Economic Development Division. Pacific Coast Regional host SBDC serving the Los Angeles area. SBDCs provide one-on-one business counseling from expert, experienced business consultants and former small business owners and managers at no cost to small businesses, along with low cost trainings and other business resources. The SBDC works in conjunction with other small business support groups, but is distinguishable by a number of key attributes.


  • Offers the broadest range of business counseling expertise. While loan support and related advisory services are core to our mission, our mission puts equal emphasis on all topics necessary to enable a business to succeed including, but not limited to. writing business plans, implementing marketing plans, resolving HR issues, optimizing internet and social media, implementing a good accounting system, etc.
  • Is part of a regional/state/national network of SBDCs. This provides the opportunity to provide a seamless and consistent set of services throughout Northern Los Angeles County, the LA Region, the state of California and indeed, throughout the United States. We offer a highly scalable resource partner.
  • Utilizes a professionally structured and designed process. The SBDC utilizes a rigorous professional process that provides for all engagements to be supported by a scope of work that details the support to be given, the outcomes to be achieved, and the roles the counselors and the businesses need to play to achieve that success.
  • Is geared towards accomplishing economic milestones. The SBDC program is geared towards helping businesses achieve specific, identifiable and trackable milestones such as capital infusion, jobs created, and sales increased.
  • Maintains a detailed and comprehensive database (WEBCATS) of all engagements, counseling sessions and trainings. This database provides a detailed audit trail of all our work and allows for customized, granular reporting of all activities and results on a summary basis.
  • Is subject to accreditation reviews. The SBDC is one of the only programs of its kind that is subject to periodic (tri-annual) accreditation reviews by an independent outside agency.
  • Achieves measurable results. In a national study the agency accrediting the SBDCs found that SBDC clients experienced sales growth of 20.2% versus 5.2% for businesses in general; and acquired $16.77 in new capital for $1 spent on the SBDC network.
  • The net result is to provide a program that is focused on all aspects of business success, professionally designed and staffed, held fully accountable for its activities, achieves measurable and quantifiable economic milestones, and is capable of providing detailed reports at a summary level of its activities based on virtually any field in our vast, comprehensive and flexible database.
  • The core funding for the SBDC that is provided by the federal government requires that every federal dollar be matched with funds obtained through local sources. As a result, obtaining “match funding” is necessary for the success of the SBDC. However, that also results in sponsor provided funds being matched by federal dollars, meaning that every dollar provided by local sponsors injects two dollars into our local counseling and service activities.

College of the Canyons
College of the Canyons (COC) is a major driver of economic development in the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding region, infusing millions of dollars into the local economy every year. The SBDC is part of COC’s Economic Development Division (EDD), which provides economic support services through four operating entities: the SBDC, the Employee Training Institute (ETI) which provides employer training services, the Center for Applied and Competitive Technologies (CACT) which works to improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized manufacturing and engineering companies by strengthening sound manufacturing technologies and by supporting the development of a skilled workforce, and Advanced Technology & Business Incubator (ATBI) services. The EDD has a broad range of clients and provides customized training for the workforce and consulting services for employers, helping businesses to retain employees, expand operations, and attract new companies.

Pacific Coast Regional
Pacific Coast Regional (PCR) is a private, non-profit corporation founded in 1977 to assist small business owners in becoming successful members of the Southern California business community. Through contracts with the Federal Government, the State of California, and partnerships with private institutions, PCR provides financial, educational and consulting services. Our primary goal is to help the small business owner succeed.