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The Chamber has many ways to help our members advertise and network their services with other members and the Community.

The Chamber has many ways to help our members advertise and network their services with other members and the Community.

Member Directory Newsletters & E-Blasts Networking Breakfast Sponsorships & Ads Web Site

Member Directory

25-Word Description
Each member may have a 25-word description of their services for a cost of only $33 per year.


A Hyperlink or Weblink to a member’s website is only $58 for one year.


Image or Logo
Each member may include their logo or image in their directory entry for $75 per month ($900/year)
(125 x 125 pixels in a tiff or giff format)
Mailing Labels
Labels for Mailing to those listed in the Member Directory
Members – $100; Non-Members – $300

Newsletters & E-Blasts

E-Dispatch Monthly Newsletter Ads
A Business Card Ad in the Monthly E-Dispatch. Business Card must be submitted in jpeg format to the Chamber office to



E-Blast to Members
Members may design and send in for release to Chamber Members a Promotional E-Blast. The Chamber Webmaster will make sure it meets our requirements prior to release. Two per month are scheduled; check with the office to see what availability is. (All New Members receive one E-Blast to members. Size is limited.)


Networking Breakfast Sponsorship & Ads

Networking Breakfast Sponsorship 
This monthly Sponsorship is available to any member who wishes to sponsor the Breakfast. This package includes a 5-minute informative speech at the front of the breakfast, table-top display at the breakfast, business ad on the HotSheet at the Breakfast, informational material distributed to everyone at the breakfast, and logo on the Chamber Website showing Sponsorship for the Breakfast, E-Dispatch and website paragraph with logo prior to the breakfast, and two paid tickets to the breakfast.
Tabletop Displays – Limit 2 
Available to Members who would like to feature their company information at the Breakfast. Must reserve and pay prior to the Breakfast. Call and check for availablity with the Chamber office.
Hotsheet Ads 
Any member wishing to have a Business Card on the back of the HotSheet until the back is full. Must submit business card in jpg format to and pay by Friday prior to breakfast on Tuesday.

Web Site

Web Ads
Each New Member receives a free web ad for 3 months (125 x 125 pixels in a tiff or gif format). Following the 3 months, these may continue for $50 a month or $500 per year.
Website Sponsorship Pages
 Banner Home Page: $375 per month or $4,500 per year.
 Header Sponsorships: $275.00 per month or $3,300 per year

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